Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “What is Halawa Wax?”+

Halawa Wax is a natural and traditional method of hair removal that originated in the Middle East. It is a sugar-based wax that is known for its effectiveness in removing unwanted hair.

Q: “How can I use Halawa Wax at home?”+

Wash your skin thoroughly and pat dry. Ensure your skin is
free from any moisture or oil. Apply the desired amount of
wax with your fingers or a stick to the roots of the hairs in the
direction of hair growth, then peel off in the opposite
direction of hair growth instantly with a jerk. Repeat the
process if there are still some hairs left.

Q: “Can I use Halawa Wax on my face?”+

Yes, Halawa Wax is safe to use on the face. However, it is important to be cautious and avoid applying the wax near the eyes or on any irritated or broken skin.